Hazard Assessment carried out by Obuasi NADMO officials at some selected communities in Obuasi Municipality

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From Wednesday 1st June to Friday 3rd June, 2022, the secretariat undertook hazard assessment exercise at the following communities: Obuasi Central, Estate, Emuye, Nkamprom, Kokoteasua and Mensem.

This exercise was carried out by Adams Froko, Akua Lartebea, Minewuli Manasseh, Bright Donkor and Solomon Acheampong. Some Assembly Members offered their support by helping the team to identify hazardous areas within the communities.

Observations at Central Market and Estate:

  • It was generally observed at Central market and Estate that, all the chocked gutters are as a result of rubbish and sands.

Observations at Emuye:

  • It was generally observed at Emuye that, there was a small culvert which was chocked by sand which could cause flooding.

Observations at Kokoteasua:

  • It was also observed that, the gutter closer to the market is chocked with sand which exposes houses nearby to floods.

Observation at Abompe:

  • It was observed that, a gully has been developed within the community as a result of erosion which could pose as death trap to people especially visitors and children as well as livestock.

Observations at Mensem:

  • It was observed that, a total of (8) eight- wooden foot bridges at Mensem which have been erected on the main drain are weak and poses danger to school children especially when it rains.

  • It was also observed that, a gully has been created between house numbers NNE 224B/F with GPS AO-064-5274 and A0982 with GPS address A0-064-4772. The gully poses danger to the structures and the people living in it.

Observation at Nkamprom:

  • Along the main street at Nkamprom, erosion has occurred eating away the sides of the road. Again, the water passing though the eroded area floods the compound of House No. S559 Spring Green St with GPS (AO- 037-0825).




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