Social Welfare/ Community

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The Department of Social Welfare is one of the implementing agencies of the Ministry of Children, Gender and Social Protection.

The mission of the Department is to work with the people in their communities to ensure that children, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups could enjoy their basic human rights and also contribute effectively to development.


The objective of the Department include the following:

  • To create and promote socio-economic and emotional stability in the family.
  • To ensure the survival, proper growth and development of children
  • To assist persons with disability (PWD) as well as other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups to maximize their residual capacities to enable them participate effectively in mainstream socio-economic and cultural life.
  • To assist persons in various correctional institutions to respond effectively to correctional treatment.
  • To work with courts to administer justice to juveniles who fall foul with the law.


The underlisted are the various services being rendered by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development:

  • Registration and inspection of Day Care Centers.
  • Registration of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Base Organisations (CBOs) and Associations.
  • Handling all family and child welfare related cases.
  • Caring for destitute and vulnerable in society.
  • Undertaking sensitization on Child Rights and Protection issues.
  • Registering and offering support to Persons with Disability (PWD).
  • Offering support to indigents in terms of issuance of letters for Health Insurance.
  • Undertaking women empowerment programmes.
  • Undertaking hospital welfare services.
  • Undertaking Prisons Aftercare services.
  • Offering care and protection for abandoned and vulnerable children.
  • Reunification and Children sent to the Children Home.
  • Offering Probation services.


The functions of the Department are grouped under three (3) core / major programmes, namely; Child Rights and Protection, Juvenile Justice Administration, Community Care and for Persons with Disability (PWD) as well as other vulnerable groups. The research and planning functions are carried out by a special unit at the national headquarters. Each programme is headed by a Deputy Director at the headquarters, and programme head at the Regional office.


The Office of Social Welfare and Community Development is located at the Obuasi Municipal Assembly, Room 56, 57, 58, and 59

Hotline for Persons with Disability (PWD): 0204901303