Children’s curfew is back as OMA gazette’s new By-Laws

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The Obuasi Assembly at its General Assembly meeting held between 25th-26th October, 2023 revealed that it has officially gazette its by-laws.

Official gazettes are primary sources of law published by national governments to disseminate new legislation, regulations, and decisions of governmental bodies.

In an interview with the Chief Executive for the Assembly, Hon Elijah Adansi-Bonah, he mentioned that the by-laws gone through several processes involving key stakeholders of the Assembly before it was accepted by the General Assembly and gazetted.

He said one of the key provisions in the by-laws is the reintroduction of the children’s curfew. The children’s curfew was first introduced to the Obuasi Assembly in February 2003 and was strictly enforced again in September, 2010.

As part of the by-laws, the curfew hours are between 5pm- 8am each day. It stresses that any child below 16 years, not accompanying by responsible adults, found loitering, roaming, playing, walking in any public place, not being a boarding school where such child is a pupil, within the area of authority of the Assembly during children’s curfew hours, breaks the children curfew.

Again, the by-laws stipulate that, except during holidays, no child below the age of 16, not accompanied by responsible adults shall on any day not being a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, enters or remains in internet cafe, video center or public entertainment or recreational center during the period.

No operator shall at any time permit or suffer any child below the age of 12 to enter or remain in a video center, internet cafe or entertainment center.

According to the MCE, the rationale behind the bringing back of the children’s curfew is to instill discipline in children and to maintain Obuasi’s dominance in the BECE.

Hon Elijah Adansi-Bonah also touched on the new provisions regulating the activities of transport owners and transport groups in the Obuasi Municipality. According to him, this will help in maintaining sanity in the transport system in Obuasi.

Potholes to be filled

According to the Obuasi MCE the Assembly is not oblivious of the potholes developing in some roads in Obuasi. He conceded that the potholes are inconveniencing drivers or motorists who ply those roads.

However, he said the Assembly has plans to fix them relying on Justmoh constructions Limited; the firm charged to construct the Obuasi town roads. He said the potholes have been captured as part of the town roads that will be fixed by Justmoh constructions.

The General Assembly meeting was chaired by Hon. Alexander Frimpong Boadu, the Presiding member.

Story by: ISD-OMA

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