Amangoase Traffic Light to be installed very soon – MCE

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Honorable Elijah Adansi-Bonah, MCE for Obuasi has assured residents of Amangoase in the Obuasi Municipality that the processes undertaken to re-install traffic lights at Amangoase has almost ended.

He said what is left is concurrent approval which when given, will signal the beginning of work to install six (6) traffic lights at Amangoase.

At a community durbar at Amangoase,  Hon Adansi-Bonah said he was optimistic that before the end of the year work would have started on the first phase of traffic lights for Obuasi.

He added that the second phase of traffic lights would be installed at the four-junction linking Len Clay Sports stadium and ECG.

It would be recalled that Obuasi had its first traffic lights commissioned in August 2003 through funds from the Obuasi Development Fund and other sources.


Hon Adansi- Bonah at the Obuasi Central Market as part of his community tour assured market women especially secondhand clothes dealers at ‘Santiago’ that the Assembly is arranging for a befitting place at the Old Court for them to be relocated.

He said the former OSA building at Santiago where the traders store their wares will be pulled down to make way for the construction of market stores.  He added that once the stores are completed the traders would be brought back.

He further allayed the fears of the traders that the Assembly has plans to permanently sack them from their current place.” People are going around telling the market women that we are removing the traders permanently from this place. This is false, we are only relocating them temporary to old court area which has been prepared for them. Once the construction of the market stores are done, we will bring them back”.

The Obuasi MCE seized the opportunity to address some concerns of traders and people living around the Central Market.


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